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Attract more customers and improve your market reach! High-quality, impactful signs by Dream Signs & Graphics can do just that.

Your local Houston sign company, we look forward to becoming your one and only signage provider. As a full-service sign shop, we provide complete signage services, from the initial consultation through to design, manufacturing, and installation of any sign your business needs. From attracting new customers to making it easy for them to find their way around your business, our custom signs are targeted at helping you accomplish your business goals.

We are an industry-leading sign manufacturer with a professional design team, state-of-the-art fabrication facility, and talented staff. We work with you to create attractively branded custom signs that both you and your customers love, leaving a positive impression that keeps them coming back.

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Complete Commercial Signage Company

Dream Signs & Graphics are specialists in commercial signage production. Our staff are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of high-quality signage, offering custom solutions for those looking for a proven way to make a big impact on their business.

We maximize our staff’s knowledge and expertise to provide a customer-centric approach. Our ability to deliver a cost-effective solution opens up the possibility of affordable marketing and branding options to companies of all sizes.

At Dream Signs & Graphics, we aim to create signage that positively impacts the growth of your business. We use our knowledge to create end products that make a positive impression on customers and potential customers while meeting the needs and demands of our clients.

Signs That Work For You

We deliver impactful business signage without the premium price-tag many people expect. By understanding your business’ needs and challenges, we create attractive solutions that look amazing, promote brand awareness, and increases customer footfall at your premises while also meeting your budget.

We are a Houston sign company using the latest, cutting-edge equipment and workshop facilities to create the perfect designs for you. Our team utilizes their knowledge to create professional, affordable signage that represents your business and brand.

Using designs that impress your target market, we connect you with more customers through signage that promotes you as the provider of products and services people need. Our team is dedicated to helping you stand out by designing, crafting, and installing attractive, compelling signage that speaks to your potential clients.

The Right Signage For Your Business

Good signage doesn’t just tell people you are there; it draws them in. It excites people about the products and services you offer while increasing your brand visibility and reach. You want every individual that sees your sign to remember it for the right reasons, and that’s where we come in.

Good design is timeless. At Dream Signs & Graphics, we bring the latest graphic design styles and combine them with eye-catching graphics that make your brand shine. Wherever you utilize custom signs, we make sure they aren’t easily forgotten.

We understand the complexities of creating impactful, effective signs and graphics. Our team focuses on ensuring that your signage sends the best message possible directly to your target market.

Call Dream Signs & Graphics today at 281-240-6409 for your Free Consultation!

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

The leading reason people stop in a business that they have never been before is compelling, attractive outdoor signage. (International Sign Association, 2017)

Our wide-range of solutions, ranging from storefront signs to vehicle wraps, raise awareness of your business and brand. Working with Dream Signs & Graphics means working with a company dedicated to growing your brand and business revenue.

Increase traffic to your business by using outdoor banners, lighted signs, a-frames, cut vinyl lettering, and other exterior signage elements to identify your business and attract potential customers.

Indoor & Interior Signs

From the front door to the back, the lobby to the elevator, the stairs to the rooftop, indoor signage can be used everywhere in your business. Well-placed interior signs effectively promote your products/services, support navigation of your facilities, and reinforce your brand with both current and prospective clients.

We maximize the impact of indoor environments by using signage to complement your business’ products and services through functional, aesthetic, and branded signs that create a crisp and cohesive feel to your business premises.

Our services have been used by schools, colleges, manufacturing plants, hospitals, retails outlets, restaurants, and more. The one thing they all had in common was a desire for indoor signage that solved problems they faced. So we delivered exactly that.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Are you and your business constantly on the move? Maximize the time you spend on the road with branded vehicle wraps and graphics. This exciting marketing method is an excellent way to connect with potential customers.

An under-utilized marketing tool, many companies fail to use vehicle wraps effectively to promote their brand. Dream Signs & Graphics ensures no marketing opportunity is missed with our attractive, custom vehicle branding. We design according to your needs and provide solutions for all vehicle types and all coverage levels. From simple car magnets to full wraps, we have the right solution for your business and needs.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Vinyl signs, banners, and wraps are an advantageous accessory for your growing business. When looking to find a way to catch interest for your business, aiding patrons with navigating your space, or want to get more from your conference attendance, our workforce of vinyl signs and graphics hardworking industry professionals fabricate an outstanding vinyl sign solutions for your goals.

We are a dedicated, reputable full-service vinyl banners, graphics and signs provider, offering your brand with high-quality sign printing solutions. Our local facilities allow us to easily customize virtually all attractive vinyl signage your brand needs to help reinforce your unique goals and expand your branding.

Regardless of whether it’s unique, specialty window graphics, lettering, floor graphics, banners, wraps, decals or any other sign or graphic element you want to add to your facility, our vinyl sign and graphic team are ready to tackle your project quickly, skillfully, and we pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Custom Signs

At Dream Signs & Graphics, every sign we create is custom, branded to your business and designed to fit your needs. This allows us to ensure that your sign fits your physical location and budget, while reflecting your brand positively.

A custom sign allows a company to reinforce their brand personality. Custom signs allow you to get exactly what you want, where you want it. Whether you are looking for a compelling window sign, custom ADA signage or an attractive storefront sign, we design, fabricate, and install custom signage that makes a big impact!

As a leading Houston sign company, we create the specialty signs you want and need to increase your traffic and brand awareness. From single custom signs to entire branded business signage collections, Dream Signs & Graphics can produce the perfect signage for you.

Our Process

Free Consultation

We start every signage process with a free consultation. During this initial meeting, we discuss your business goals, learn about your customers, and understand your brand personality. This helps us identify the best solutions for your marketing and enables us to create designs that promote your business, build brand strength, and increase sales.


Sign Design

Our expert sign design team then takes over, delivering attractive designs targeted at meeting your business goals while complementing your brand and physical space. Whatever your business goals are, Dream Signs & Graphics focuses on creating impactful signs that work for you. Once we have a design we think you will love, we provide a draft for you to edit or adjust prior to fabrication.


Sign Creation

Our expert staff uses our cutting edge, state-of-the-art facilities to bring your chosen design to reality. Utilizing sustainable sign fabrication processes and materials, we strive to create an end product that is targeted at supporting you in accomplishing your business goals while also being cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. With an eye toward quality-control, our project manager ensures everything moves smoothly, fits your original design, and is completed correctly and on-time.


Sign Installation

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our team of professional sign installers take over. Whether you have simple vinyl signage, a complete fleet of vehicle wraps, or a complex electrical sign installation, we ensure your new signs are expertly placed and as attractive as possible. We always leave you ready to start making a great impression.


Our Commitment To You

Dream Signs & Graphics is dedicated to creating eye-catching, impactful signs and graphics that get your brand noticed, attract more customers, and support them in navigating your facilities. Whatever your goals for your business may be, we have impactful signage solutions that deliver for you. We look forward to becoming your only Houston sign company!

Contact Dream Signs & Graphics today at 281-240-6409 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!