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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

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Everyone knows about the large restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations that advertise their business with tall signs easily visible from the interstate, informing you that they are close-by and open for business.

This form of advertising is known as Pole Signs!

Not much compares to drawing business like the pole signs do, operating like a shining beacon that let your potential customers know that your business is available to offer them with the services or products they need. If you want free-standing or permanent signage for your business premises, which provides wide-range visibility and high-impact advertising, then a pole sign may be the signage solution you are looking for!

Dream Signs & Graphics is the leading Houston pole sign company specializing in impactful and eye-catching pole signs. As your local signage shop, we work with you on the creation, manufacturing, and installation for all of your signage needs. We offer friendly, knowledgeable, and fast customer support. Our dedicated fabrication team and installers, ensure that we design the ideal pole signage that fits your location and brand, increasing your foot traffic, ultimately helping your business to grow.

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Illuminated Pole Signs

This type of sign is created by lifting and hoisting these massive cabinet signs upwards, which then sits on a pole. The lit-up or illuminated signs we recommend this signage for any businesses open in the evening. These signs can tower as high as 20 feet and are designed to attract customers from a greater distance much like moths to a flame.

These highly durable and eye-catching sign elements represent a significant investment in your business. Considering how much traffics they quickly draw to your business premises, they typically pay for themselves in a relatively short time and continue to help your business grow and meet all of your business goals!

Are you unsure that a pole sign is the best option for your company, we will gladly come out to your property and provide you with an evaluation to give you advice on the best signage options for your particular industry.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

Like Pole Signs, Tenant along with Pylon signage placed on the rooftop of a business or a central location, and feature more information in comparison to pole signs. While these signs do not reach the heights of the pole sign, they are often fabricated out of materials that are much heavier and include a wide-base or a dual support structure opposed as opposed to a single pole.

Tenant Signs, like the Pylon signs, are utilized for advertising several businesses located at one complex, location or facility. These are often used for open-air malls, most shopping centers or business complexes or parks.

Whether you are interested in a Houston, TX pole sign, pylon sign or a tenant sign, we will guide you on deciding on the best signage options that you can use for your storefronts or in and around your business premises.

Call Dream Signs & Graphics at (281) 612-3949 for expert advice and assistance!

Free Pole Sign Consultation

Our Houston pole signage experts at Dream Signs & Graphics, are always ready to start on your signage requirements. From the initial design and onto the final installation, we are here every step of the way. When you need a passionate, local and experienced signage partner, then Dream Signs & Graphics is the long-term partner that you have been looking for.

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