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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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Channel letter signs and dimensional letter signs are growing in popularity as signage options for buildings in all industries and sectors.

The versatility and flexibility of the channel lettering option, allow your company to customize your sign to meet all of your business branding guidelines, as well as any personalized design ideas. Regardless of whether you would prefer a flat dimensional sign, an illuminated sign, or an entirely customized sign, our company can create the ideal signage solution for all of your needs.

Dream Signs & Graphics is a local Houston channel letter provider offering the creation of professional signs using high-quality materials, high-quality fabrication, and a speedy service within any financial budget.

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Choosing The Storefront Channel Lettering

Our most regularly requested storefront signage style is the channel letter sign. A channel lettering design is a three-dimensional sign formed using cut metal elements, such as numbers, images, letters or symbols, which are aligned beautifully and secured to a backing frame or using a flush-mounting feature to the building. The channel lettering is protected by a highly durable acrylic topping that is available in different transparency levels and colors for ideal customization options.

Using channel lettering, you will be able to spell out the company’s name, slogan, or even the logo of the business. Our company presents you with a plethora of sign sizes, fonts, color, and style options making this an easy method of personalizing the sign for all businesses. Channel letters can also be handmade to create an icon or graphic allowing you to add customized fonts or images to the item.

Channel lettering signage is frequently used by office buildings, retail storefronts, grocery stores, shopping malls, school facilities, manufacturing warehouses, church halls, and other organizations.

Choosing The Different Dimensional Letters

Dimensional lettering signs are similar to the abovementioned channel lettering signs in that they are both individually formed items. However, channel letter signs present with hollow channels inside and dimensional lettering does not. The empty channels allow for illumination of the sign, and dimensional letters are creating using sheets of acrylic, metal or material items. Dream Signs & Graphics offers several different styles, fonts, sizes, and material thicknesses; giving you the option to control how the dimensional lettering appear – from almost several inches thick to flat lettering.

Dream Signs & Graphics develops and designs aesthetically pleasing lettering signage to match your company’s brand and promote your brand in a durable and high-quality manner.

This type of sign is perfect for retail stores, office buildings, shopping malls, manufacturing warehouses, and are even more beneficial as lobby signs and indoor signs.

Choosing The Illuminated And Backlit Signage

Channel lettering signs can make a property stand out in the crowd using LED lighting. The LED feature allows your signage to be seen during the night and in poor weather; thereby, attracting new clientele irrespective of the condition or time. Our company will deal with all phases of this procedure, including the securing of the signage, secure installation of all electrical elements, and even cleaning up the sign.

If you own a Houston, TX company that is open during the night or evening hours, we recommend a backlit channel lettering sign to attract new clientele and capitalize on missed opportunities.

Lighted signs are the perfect option for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, theaters, comedy clubs, grocery stores, gas stations, and nightclubs; however, these types of signage can work well for any company that wishes to stand out.

The Free Channel Lettering Sign Consultation

Dream Signs & Graphics is dedicated to offering you high-quality business products, speedy turnaround times, and an experienced Houston channel letters team to help you with your lighting sign project.

Call Dream Signs & Graphics today at (281) 612-3949 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!